Tucson Immigration Lawyers Handling Drug Trafficking & Smuggling Cases

Drug trafficking and drug smuggling from Mexico to Arizona are viewed as serious problems by state and federal law enforcement officers, as many believe it is too easy for people to cross the border in the southwest United States. At the Benavidez Law Group, P.C., we make major drug crime a clear area of focus, working hard to protect our clients’ rights and interests after an arrest.

Drug Trafficking Laws

Drug trafficking is the illegal commercial exchange of illicit narcotics, as well as the equipment and products necessary to make and use the drugs. The severity of drug trafficking charges filed in a particular case, along with the associated sentence (if there is a conviction), vary according to the type and amount of the drug, whether anyone was killed during the illicit act, and whether the accused has a criminal history. This means that the most serious drug trafficking charges involve:

  • Large amounts of Schedule I or Schedule II drugs, such as heroin, cocaine, PCP and other dangerous narcotics
  • The death of one or more individuals during the alleged act of trafficking
  • The accused having a history of prior drug and/or violent crime convictions

Individuals may be accused of performing various drug trafficking roles, ranging from supervision of international narcotics distribution to the street-level sale of controlled substances. The Benavidez Law Group, P.C. has represented people accused of all types of drug-related charges, often securing acquittals, dismissals and other favorable results for drug defendants.

Drug Smuggling

There are many different ways for illegal drugs to make their way into Arizona. For example, a drug trafficking operation may use “mules” to smuggle substances across the border. In these situations, drugs may be surgically placed in the stomach of an animal or person, or may be placed in small bags in an orifice to be removed after the transport is complete. Other times, drugs may be smuggled into the United States by disguising them as legal cargo or hiding them within cargo.

While often carried out by low-level individuals within a large operation, drug smuggling is a key part of the illegal drug trade, and the penalties upon conviction can be severe. Our attorneys provide strong defense representation to those charged with drug smuggling, whatever the specific substance and quantity involved, and whether you were arrested by local police, the Arizona Highway Patrol, or federal agents.

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Drug trafficking and drug smuggling are serious crimes that can potentially result in life-altering consequences, not only for you but also for your family members. For the strong representation you need to defend against these charges, contact the Benavidez Law Group, P.C. We represent clients in criminal and immigration courts throughout Arizona and Mexico. Hablamos español.